Sunday, 2 May 2010

1. A happy afternoon putting bookcases together and moving all the books onto them leads to many discoveries...books I'd forgotten I had, a few duplicates, some unread, some favourites and many bits and bobs of paper ephemera used as bookmarks and stored between books.

2. A Blue Peter letter from 1984 from a competition I'd entered. Original sticker and photo of Simon Groom, Janet Ellis and Peter Duncan inside (though sadly not the Blue Peter badge, wonder where that went?)

3. A lovely letter from my old piano teacher, now sadly passed away, on the occasion of my 18th birthday. I love this letter so much. The final paragraph is worth transcribing in full.

"I wish you a long and happy life and the realisation of all our dreams, whatever they may be. The world can be a hard and cruel place, and adult life in it may at times prove harder than you anticipate. There will be people who seek out your weaknesses and try to exploit them. Don't let them. There will be others who, with only your interests at heart, and not their own, will seek to enfold you with friendship, affection and love. Be true to yourself at all times, but welcome these into your life, for this, I am sure is what adult human life is all about."

4. A few tears of sadness for this lovely man who I knew from the age of 11 and who is no longer in the world with this wise counsel.

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