Wednesday, 19 May 2010

1. My little stray, Son of Bruce, is waiting for me under my car. I spy his nose as I look out of the window. He enjoys three pouches of food and wanders off. I often wonder where he lives. He's getting old now.

2. There's something strange going on with VW Beetles in Leeds. I pass one that, I swear, is dressed as a rabbit, actually furry, with ears, eyes and teeth. Later I pass one with every section painted a bright primary colour.

3. I realise I'm growing up. A tense meeting doesn't upset me. Instead it makes me resolve to do the next meeting differently and makes me feel I can do this, I can change things.

4. Two of my other bosses are nice to me today, with advice and smiles. The meeting with them in wasn't all that, but separately, I get further with them.

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